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A pretty profound excerpt from a commencement ceremony speech.

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Chem-valentines: a collection of Valentine's Day messages with a chemistry twist.

Best one:

"There’s no HOMO-LUMO gap between us, baby." (@chemjobber)
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We've got a somewhat shorter list this month:

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Very artistic.
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Quote of the month:
"Human beings must always be on the watch for wonders" -- EB White

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Some of you may know that in my copious amounts of spare time ;) I enjoy collecting links to interesting sites and articles. In the interest of keeping a record of them instead of just posting on statuses and forgetting them, I've decided to post a summary of them on a regular basis:

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From Cassini:

Because no matter how stressful a day turns out to be, the universe will still be beautiful.
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A brilliant ode to skepticism by Tim Minchin:

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So apparently, mice can sing to each other:

Development of Social Vocalizations in Mice
The resulting musicals would probably be highly amusing.
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This is just brilliant. It's amazing that the weather balloon can go that high and that the camera was able to capture footage from so high up. Talk about being at the top of the world!

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