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So, France misses one goal by a hair during the penalty kicks, making Italy the world cup champions for the fourth time. iTt was such a close game!! Poor France... >.>...and that French captain, too ::shakes head::
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Mom's been dragging me to the gym every morning for the past few weeks, but it's never been as bad as this. Two hours of pilates/dance/torture!! TWO! The instructors had me bending and contorting in ways I didn't believe possible, and I later became forcefully reminded of my Anatomy/Physiology studies (ow, my trapezius, my sartorius, my spinalis!!) ugh, not fun!
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I went to see the badminton quarterfinals today with Mom and Nam at the Anaheim Pond, and it was sooo awesome ^_^. World-class playing for 5 hours was really exhilarating to watch as we cheered on the players (China had 2-3 players in each of categories so Mom and I had plenty of opportunity). The shuttle got smashed around so quickly that at times you could barely see it in the air, and the players' reactions were so fast that they could even return smashes like they were nothing! There were lots of exciting rallies, including one when the player returned three volleys after she fell down sitting on the ground. Slams across court were quickly followed by light-hitting net play the next second before switching back to power shots. Drop shots were liberally used, and several times the shuttle would balance on the edge of the net before falling during net play. It's really cool to see the players almost fencing with their rackets as they flick the shuttle so quickly.

The atmosphere at the stadium is so different from at home where I'm staring at the tiny TV screen. Each player had his or her own band of groupies clamouring to get signatures on t-shirts, backs (whatever stays still long enough for the player to sign), and shouting matches bounced between fans cheering for different countries. China got trounced a couple of times, but at least there is at least one Chinese team advancing in each category. What's really amusing though, is that ethnically, many of the matches are held Chinese vs. Chinese. There was one case in the mixed doubles in which two teams from China were battling it out and another incident of Germany vs. France in which both players were Chinese judging from their names. The final of the afternoon was in fact Taiwan vs. Hong Kong, so they're technically both Chinese players. :-P

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Woot! London's hosting the next, next Olympics! It'll be so cool to watch the torch lighting from the shadows of Big Ben! (It's a shame that Paris lost...I think France needed the boost more than GB, but maalesh...) 9 years! I might be able to watch it myself there as it happens! Can't wait!


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