Jul. 17th, 2006 09:24 pm
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I saw the second Pirates of the Caribbean on Saturday. It's not too bad, though I think not quite as good as the first one. The plot is quite a bit more convoluted than the first, so it's very easy to miss what's going on if you don't catch the words that are thrown back and forth amidst the brawling. Quite a few of the characters reprise their roles (especially the last scene...totally deus ex machina except for the fact that practically everyone else important has come back). (Captain) Jack Sparrow isn't quite as funny as he was in the first one, I think, because he acts almost as if Will Turner and Elizabeth were complete strangers. Apparently there was a cliplet at the end of the credits, which I had totally forgotten about, but from what I hear, it definitely sounds amusing to see. All in all, the movie wasn't great, but it wasn't terrible either. It was definitely better than Superman Returns at the very least (don't get me started on that...I have a rant especially for him). It should be a good year for movies next summer though, with the conclusion of Pirates, Spiderman 3, and Phoenix coming out at around the same time (Book 7 should be coming out about that time, too! Can't wait!)

Miscellaneous Tidbit of the day:
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Work's started already, and though it's only been two weeks, things are already busier than last year. Quite a few familiar faces are also working with us: Ariel's back, and his sister, Vivian is also around as a summer fellow, though she's working in a different lab. Rachel Morford's little sister, Sarah is also working here and so are Lara Saberon and James Lee (he's lurking around in some other lab, but I'm sure that I'll see him one of these days). As for me, I'm currently working concurrently on two main projects: writing up the paper for my project last year and processing data from the ambulatory oxygen study. We've made some progress in both these. I managed to finish a decent first draft of the introduction, and we've also got a draft of the methods section (though that will need several rounds of thorough Marunatizing). We've also got quite a bit of the analysis done for the RT3, breath tracker, and oxygen conserver data, which was the result of LOTS of tedious data crunching.

Last week Sara and I went roller blading at the beach last weekend. It was quite fun going down Manhattan Beach and talking about anything that flitted through our minds. We didn't quite manage to make it all the way to Marina Del Rey (very understandable, especially considering how hard my old pair of rollerblades were to skate in (the wheels had high friction because they were the old plasticky kind, and the straps were also kind of awkward, making it difficult to make the blades tight enough without being painful). We made it about 6 or 7 miles out, turning back at the end of Dockweiler Beach, had some soda, ice cream, and turkey sandwich. It was a really pleasant day, and I was really glad that Sara was willing to come all the way out with me even though it's been quite a while since she skated last.

So it's almost one third of the way through the summer holidays, and 4th of July weekend has crept up and caught me unexpected. I'm not completely sure what my plans for the weekend are--I've got four days to kill before I go back to the lab on Wednesday. I just got the Chronicles of Narnia, so I expect to spend some of that time reading through the series. (I've also got to read some of my textbooks sooner or later, but I'm trying to put it off for now <.<) I've got an appointment with Sara to go to the YMCA tomorrow afternoon. We made a deal that I would train with Sara on the machines and stuff before Sara would come swimming with me in the pool. It should be fun ^_^.
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I've been working all day on my presentation for Thursday, and the good news is that things are finally taking shape (I just need to fiddle with the calibration a bit, but at least the data are there). I got a little surprised at the file size when I closed the file a moment ago: 137MB--must be the biggest powerpoint file i've ever seen, and it's not even done!
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Blah...I so don't want to work right now, even though I've got an article to pour over with a fine toothed comb by tomorrow and an abstract to write by Wednesday...::bangs head on desk:: why am I so tired when I haven't done anything all day?


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